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Can you hear me?

On this week's episode we are chatting to the DELIGHTFUL Sammy Gunner, who only three years ago, decided to turn her unique voice from her insecurity into her SUPERPOWER!


First up, Chloe and Holly share their busy week with the listeners.  Let's just say, they are both both feeling quite 'under the pump' right now; Chloe has started her Secondary Teaching Practicum and Holly is busy organising her honeymoon!!  Exciting things are ahead ...... but right now their brains are feeling like mush.


Luckily, we get to cross to a wonderfully real chat with the powerhouse talent that is, Sammy Gunner! Sammy is a voice actor who specialises in character work and brings life to any project she works on!  Sammy talks us through her 'past life' as a dancer, a door bitch and the huge world shift that comes with becoming a parent.


Sammy talks honestly about her mental health as she looks back on the year she had her beautiful baby AND bought a dance school .... adamant that she could do it ALL at the one time!  She talks to Holly and Chloe about hitting rock bottom, and never wanting to talk again (cue enlightenment music), which was followed by a  gentle push her from her husband to take part in a voice-acting workshop.  The rest, they say, is history..... and this inspirational woman is now storming the Australian VO scene.

Dream baby Dream

Hey Dreamers! This week we sit down with the absolutely incredibly talented Sammy Gunner. We interviewed Sammy's husband Johnny G as our first ever (practice) guest back in season 1! We ADORE Sammy and we really learnt a lot in this interview about the world of Voice Over Acting and how it's actually pretty similar to our industry. We wanted to shout out a few people that we chat about in the episode that helped Sammy get to where she is in the industry today. TRAINING:Teresa LimFelicity JurdDeanna CooneyLinda Nicholls GidleyEverette OliverAnd Sammy also recommended checking out QVAN: Queensland Voice Acting Network with Mike Joaquin and Vivian Abitia, BrisVo and SOVASYou can find Sammy at her website or on Instagram @sammy__gunnerAlso swipe to see the commercial Sammy voiced!Our Artist of the Week is Olivia Turner @livlafluv and her song is called 'eyes closed'And please go and follow our film journey @dreambabyfilmsWe love you all and we love the support. Keep Dreaming xx

Me and My Dad

In a first for Me and My Dad. We thought it would be fun to bring in a guest. So in our very first episode of Me and my Dads mate. We invited the most beautiful soul to ever walk this earth, the wonderful, beautiful, amazingly talented, honest and kind hearted Sammy G.  We talk Voice acting, parenting, the highs, the lows and this wonderful journey we call life that we get to do together.

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